Wizard Port dress

Wizard Port dress
1. Höhenflug
2. Girl at the beach
3. Ab durch die Mitte
4. Das blaue Wunder
5. Eckbauer
6. sex on the island
7. riding on the beach
8. ich glotz TV
9. ungerecht
10. they burnt down the laboratory
11. Dilemma
12. Dancing in the moonlight (nach Toploader)
13. french connection from the ivory coast
14. funky cold Medina (nach Tone Loc)
15. Platzdiebe
16. hempcheesetoast
17. angel in the crematory
18. I feel like Buddy Holly (nach Alvin Stardust)
19. Boreout
20. island in the sun
21. Maske geht ab
22. Selbstflucht und Angstgeschrei
23. der komische Fahrstuhl
24. Port dress

Additional Cover Video DVD
1. Wonderful tonight (Clapton)
2. Wind of Change (Scorpions)
3. sealed with a kiss (Irving Berlin)
4. Sailing (Sutherland)
5. Verdammt ich lieb Dich (M. Reim)
6. hit the road Jack (P. Mayfield, R. Charles)
7. Yellow Submarine (Beatles)
8. Holiday (Scorpions)
9. wild thing (Troggs)
10.Skandal im Sperrbezirk (Sigl, Spider Murphy Gang)
11.ich breche die Herzen der stolzesten Frauen (Rühmann)
12.San Francisco (Scott McKenzie, Mamas and Papas)
13.Sound of silence (Simon and Garfunkel)
14.Still loving you (Scorpions)
15.Sitting in the doc of the bay (O.Redding, S.Cropper)
16.Was sollen wir trinken (Bots)
17.Heart of Gold (N. Young)
18.Hieroshima (Wishful thinking))
19.Blowin' in the wind (B.Dylan)
20.when a man loves a woman (P. Slege)
21.stand by me (Ben E King)
22.La Bamba (R.Valens)
23.What a wonderful world (L. Armstrong)
24.Dreadlock Holiday (10CC)
25.Sweet Home Alabama(Lynryd Skynryd)
26.Summer in the city(J. Sebastian, loving spoonfull)
27.Don`t let me misunderstood (Beatles)
28.Girls, girls, girls (Sailor)